Lists of Note is the more orderly sibling of Letters of Note, born in 2011 as a blog-based celebration of history’s most interesting lists. In 2014 it became a beautiful book of which I remain very proud, and then it went quiet as I became sidetracked by the letters, and I began to miss it. So I’ve resurrected Lists of Note as a weekly newsletter. It’s very simple: each Sunday, I’ll send you a new (old) list. Like these:

  1. A shopping list written by two ninth-century Tibetan monks

  2. A handwritten list of the BFG’s favourite words by Roald Dahl

  3. 19 year-old Isaac Newton’s list of the 57 sins he’d committed

  4. Galileo’s list of the parts needed to build his telescope

  5. Einstein’s punitive list of conditions imposed on his first wife

  6. 29-year-old Marilyn Monroe’s inspirational set of New Year’s resolutions

  7. Martin Luther King’s advice for black people starting to use buses

  8. Johnny Cash’s list of ‘things to do today’

  9. Michelangelo’s illustrated shopping list

  10. Advice for ‘chick rockers’ by Chrissie Hynde

This weekly newsletter is free to read but paid subscribers will get a couple of additional emails each month, and my deepest admiration. Sign up below.

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I really like letters. I began the Letters of Note website in 2009 and have since authored 14 Letters of Note books. I also like lists. The Lists of Note website began in 2011; a book followed in 2014.