Welcome to the Lists of Note archives — current population: 64. At present, this archive page consists purely of a chronological list of the lists listed on Lists of Note. This will change as more lists are added, to the point where it will hopefully resemble the archive page at Letters of Note.

For now though...

March 2012

29th: Thurber's Rules
27th: Advice from Billy Wilder
26th: Rules for Detective Writers
23rd: The 47 Dwarfs
20th: How the Universe works
16th: Very rich Americans: polite letter
13th: Newton's Sins
12th: Franklin's 13 Virtues
9th: The Bookshop
8th: Hemingway's Favourites
7th: Orwell's Rules for Writers
6th: The Eight Kindes of Drunkennes
5th: The Fake Books of Charles Dickens
2nd: A little bill of fare
1st: When I come to be old

February 2012

29th: 10 Commandments for Con Men
28th: The Anti-Flirt Club
27th: 10 Rules for Wives
23rd: School Punishments, 1848
22nd: The 23 Types of Vagabond
21st: The Seven Blunders
17th: Thelonious Monk's Advice
17th: Titles in search of a script
15th: The Don'ts and Be Carefuls
13th: Better than a dog anyhow
9th: Naming the Phonograph
8th: Utopian Turtletop
7th: Gobblefunk
6th: How to Write
3rd: Useless Tips For Anglers
2nd: What Makes Nancy So Great
1st: Wartime Golf Rules

January 2012

31st: Henry Miller's 11 Commandments
30th: Vertigo
27th: Who killed JFK?
26th: Rescue Etiquette
25th: Basket Ball
24th: Belief & Technique for Modern Prose
23rd: Edison's To-Do List
20th: Fumblerules of Grammar
19th: Things to worry about
13th: Alias for trip to Paris? Helena?
11th: A Decalogue of Canons
9th: 10 Commandments of Guitar Playing
4th: Try to enjoy myself when I can

December 2011

21st: Heinlein's Predictions
20th: David Foster Wallace's Word Lists
19th: New Years Rulin's
16th: Elvis: fat
14th: Marcus
9th: For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk
8th: From Daddy and Sean
7th: Mr. Hope's Suitcase
7th: Edmund Wilson Regrets
6th: Take what you need
6th: Houdini's Rider
5th: A Love List
3rd: Smells Like Teen Spirit
3rd: Eloquent Silence
2nd: John Wayne's Favourites
2nd: The Godfather
2nd: Johnny Cash's To-Do List