Monday, 30 January 2012


As production on the movie adaptation of the novel D'entre les morts began in 1957, behind the scenes a tug-of-war developed between its director, Alfred Hitchcock, and studio, Paramount, due to its title. Hitchcock wanted Vertigo. The studio repeatedly shot it down. They offered a selection of alternatives that included "A Matter of Fact," "Tonight is Ours" and "The Mad Carlotta." Hitchcock refused to budge. Weeks later, on October 24th of 1957, Paramount executive Sam Frey tried one last time to change Hitchcock's mind, and sent him the following list of suggestions.

Yet again, Hitchcock stood firm. Paramount threw in the towel.

(Source: Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic; Image: Alfred Hitchcock, via CINEROOM.)

  1. Afraid to Love
  2. Alone in the Dark
  3. The Apparition
  4. Behind the Mask
  5. Carlotta
  6. Checkmate
  7. Conscience
  8. Cry from the Rooftop
  9. The Dark Tower
  10. Deceit
  11. Deceitful
  12. Deception
  13. Don't Leave Me
  14. Dream Without Ending
  15. The Face Variations
  16. Footsteps
  17. For the Last Time
  18. The Hidden life
  19. In the Shadows
  20. The Investigator
  21. A Life Is Forever
  22. The Lure
  23. Malice
  24. The Mask and the Face
  25. The Mask Illusion
  26. My Madeleine
  27. A Matter of Fact
  28. Never Leave Me
  29. Night Shade
  30. Nothing Is Forever
  31. Past, Present and Future
  32. The Phantom
  33. The Second Chance
  34. The Shadow
  35. Shadow and Substance
  36. Shadow on the Stairs
  37. Shock
  38. Steps on the Stairs
  39. Terror
  40. To Live Again
  41. Tonight Is Ours
  42. Too Late My Love
  43. Two Kinds of Women
  44. The Unknown
  45. Wanted
  46. Without A Trace
  47. The Witness