Friday, 2 December 2011

Johnny Cash's To-Do List

Legendary singer-songwriter Johnny Cash proposed to the love of his life, fellow country star June Carter, on stage in 1968, 13 years after first meeting her. Their relationship stood the test of time and they remained together until her death, 35 years later. Cash was a romantic man and wrote countless handwritten love notes for his wife during their marriage; even his to-do lists, such as the one seen here, were brimming with affection.

Transcript follows. This list can be found in the Lists of Note book, alongside 124 other fascinating lists from throughout the ages. More info over at Books of Note.


1. Not smoke
2. Kiss June
3. Not kiss anyone else
4. Cough
5. Pee
6. Eat
7. Not eat too much
8. Worry
9. Go see Mama
10. Practice Piano

NOTES: Not write notes