Thursday, 8 December 2011

From Daddy and Sean

John Lennon, who was killed on this day in 1980, hand-wrote the following to-do list that very year, just months before his death. It was for the attention of his personal assistant at the time, Fred Seaman.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of Christie's.

Image: Christie's


1) What was the result of taking Y's spoiled blouse to cleaners?

2) Why not?

3) Chicken

4) Strawberries

5) Spinach


6) Carrots (Better Nature has some good organic ones)

7) Apples (?) Blueberries:

8) Try next to leave letters & mags in office all day/everyday.

9) Billy Graham (new book on him)

10) Get some nice white flowers and put on Y's desk (in vase) from 'Daddy & Sean'

11) 1 (one) Yogurt (Plain)