Friday, 9 December 2011

For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk

The following glossary was printed on the inside cover of "Boogie Woogie in Blue," a 1944 album by jazz pianist Harry "The Hipster" Gibson. Most notable on its list is the very early definition of the word "hipsters."

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of hyzercreek.

Image: hyzercreek

For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk:

A Really In There Solid Chick — An Attractive Young Girl
A Shape In A Drape — Looks Good In Clothes
Ball All Night — An All Night Party
Bring Him — Embarrass Him
Cat — A Jive Fan
Clipster — A Confidence Man
Cut On Down, Cut Out — To Leave
Dig Those Mellow Kicks — Knows How To Live
Dig What I’m Putting Down — Pay Attention
Drifter — Floater
Fall In On That Mess — Play That Thing
Fall On Down — Meander
Freakish High — To Get High As A Kite
Get Straight — Work It Out, Make A Deal
Good For Nothin' Mop — No Good Woman
Groovy Little Stash — Cozy Spot
Hipsters — Characters Who Like Hot Jazz
Hold Back The Dawn — Go On This Way Forever
Hype You For Your Gold — Take You For The Bank Roll
I'm Hippin' You Man — Putting You Wise
Joint Is Jumpin' — Place Full Of Customers
Juices — Liquor
Layin' It On You Straight — Telling You The Truth
Like A Motherless Child — Sedate
Lush Yourself To All Ends — Get Very Drunk
Out Of The World Mellow Stage — To Get Ecstatically Drunk
Pitch A Ball — Have A Good Time
Really In There — Knows The Answers
Same Beat Groove — Bored
A Square — Cornfed
Solid Blew My Top — Went Crazy
Solid Give Me My Kicks — Had Lots Of Fun
Solid Stud — Influential man in the entertainment field
His Story Is Great — A Successful Man About Town
Take It Slow — Be Careful
Your Stickin' — Flush, Carrying A Bankroll